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Besides putting extensive sector material on the website, we also publish in documentary pdf form. Our publications are organised in four categories:

  1. Individual Sector reviews and research

  2. Sector-based reform strategies and related guidance

  3. Country-targeted studies

  4. Other

Blogs: CurbingCorruption publishes blogs too, here. It includes links to blogs by our authors that have been published elsewhere. The easy way to access the blogs site is via the Blogs logo on the masthead.

We encourage readers – whether politicians, officials, company executives, activists, researchers, students or citizens – to submit their own contributions of corruption reform efforts for publication. They can then be cited and easily accessed here.


Corruption and corruption reform in the Water Sector: How can water professionals make a difference?A question made more urgent by climate change. Juliette Martinez–Rossignol, Laura Jean Palmer-Moloney and Mark Pyman  (November 2022). Here

Corruption and corruption reform in the Water Sector: Dirty water: Illustration of water corruption modalities from three Mexican regions. Juliette Martinez–Rossignol and Laura Jean Palmer-Moloney (November 2022). Here

Curbing Corruption in Construction, Public Works and Infrastructure. Pyman (2021). Here

Curbing Corruption in Defence and the Military. Pyman (2021). Here

Spanish version of the Defence review:

Frenar la corrupción en defensa y las fuerzas militares  Pyman (2021). Here

Curbing Corruption in Education. Pyman and Kaplan (2021). Here

Curbing Corruption in Fisheries. Tromme and Pyman (2021).  Here

Curbing Corruption in Health. Pyman (2021). Here

Curbing Corruption in Higher Education. Kirya (2021). Here

Curbing Corruption in Local Government. Pyman (2021). Here

Curbing Corruption in Land. Shipley (2021). Here

Curbing Corruption in Police services. Pyman (2021). Here

Curbing Corruption in Prison services. Pyman (2021). Here

Curbing Corruption in the Private Sector. Shipley and Pyman (2021). Here

Curbing Corruption in Shipping. Pyman and Vidal de la Blache (2021). Here



Pyman, M and Heywood, P (2020). Practical strategies for corruption reduction: The Sector Focus and Reformulation Approach (SFRA).  Here

Heywood, P and Pyman, M (2020). Rethinking corruption reform: Strategy, Scale and Substance. Here

Pyman, M.(2020) Tackling defence corruption with a ‘whole sector’ approach; a history of TI’s efforts; Working paper.  Here

Pyman, M (2019). New horizons in anti-corruption; sector-specific corruption prevention. Speech given at the 8th Anti-Money Laundering Conference, London in October 2019. Here.


Bennett, H and Pyman, M (2018) Corruption in Iran. Experience, perception, and reform efforts – A literature review. Here

Chung, H (2019) Progress in Local Government reform in Myanmar. Here

Dunne, W (2018) The effectiveness of police ‘internal affairs departments’ in limiting corruption in police services – a literature review. Here

Leung Cheuk Ki (2018) Loud thunder with tiny raindrops? A literature review of China’s anticorruption measures. Here

Pyman, M, Eastwood S, Hungerford J and Elliott J (2018) Analysing the anti-corruption approaches of the 26 top-ranked countries: an opportunity for a new generation of strategies. Here

Pyman, M, Eastwood S, Hungerford J, and Elliott J (2017)  Research comparing 41 national anti-corruption strategies. Insights and guidance for leaders. Here


Heywood P, Chaudhari S, Kartner J, Muniale F, Rodriguez D, Vasconez S and Pyman M (2019). Increasing the impact of an anti-corruption website through social media: a practical experiment. Here

Mark Pyman publications

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  • Defence & Security corruption reduction – Here
  • Afghanistan and MEC – Here

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