Heesu Chung

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Heesu is a recent graduate of the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University where she completed her master’s in international development with a focus on governance and corruption.

She has¬†experience working in the accountability, justice and peace-building sector. Prior to her graduate studies, she worked at a legal aid NGO in Bangladesh (BLAST) as a program manager for a DFID-funded community legal services program aimed at increasing access to justice for marginalized communities. During the summer of her graduate studies, she spent time in the Asia Foundation’s Myanmar office working with the Program Evaluation and Support Unit to engage with its efforts to build Myanmar’s local governance capacity. Her time at the Asia Foundation’s Myanmar office motivated her to undertake research on anti-corruption efforts in Myanmar’s subnational governments.

She now works at the Asia Foundation’s headquarters in San Francisco under its Evaluation and Learning Unit. Heesu Chung

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