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Here are six ways you can contribute. We will credit you by name (unless you wish not to be)..

  1. Tell us about useful references and reports. You may know of cases where reforms have been made. You may also have found useful reports useful. Let is know what they are using the form below, so we can help others by mentioning them on the site.
  2. Edit the text. You may have a better way to express what our website says. Send us suggested edits. Copy the text from the website into an application like WORD, edit it on your PC in a different colour, then upload the result below.  Once our site is more established we will set up a more direct editing mechanism.
  3. Add your experience. Add your experience of corruption reform in the sector. We will review it, publish it and credit you as a contributor (unless you ask to remain anonymous). Your text does not need to be of academic standard, just a clear description of what was done, why, and with what result. It can be in your native language if you wish, with a summary in English.
  4. Comment on what we say. You may think we are wrong! You may want to suggest better solutions to the ones that we propose. Send us your suggestions.
  5. Be an originating author. If you have time and interest to make a major contribution, you can request to become an initiating author or co-author of a new sectors. Let us know of your interest, together with a short description of why you think you could be a good originating author.
  6. Be a sector curator. We will be looking for small groups of contributors to be the curators of each sector, who will control what edits are made to the site.  If you think you’d be a good curator, let us know.

We help ourselves and each other by developing networks like this one. Networks of supportive individuals are one of the greatest elements of success against corruption.

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Tell us about useful references & reports - add the web reference is published, or attach the example/report

Edit the current text - Copy the text from the website, edit it o your PC in a different colour, then upload the result below.

Add your experience - Add text or an attachment with your experience.

Comment on our text - Specify the sector or Guidance page, and the sub-section. Add your comments

Offer to be a co-author or a curator - Let us know, and and add some text or a CV as to why you think you’d be a good co-author or curator

Being credited: Would you like to be credited, or not? If yes, please write out how you’d like your name to be recorded.

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