New blog site on trusted policing, here

The police have to ensure that law and order are enforced.  But what happens when they themselves are guilty of brutality, corruption, harassment and racism?  This challenge currently defeats most societies. This blog site will contribute ideas and experience of good police accountability, with first blogs from Mark Pyman, here and from Matt Gardner, who used to head Professional Standards for London’s Police, on the US here and Europe here.

Telecoms - is it the most corrupt sector?

Of the ten companies that have paid the largest penalties ever for corruption, four of them are telecom companies. The offences go back over many years, yet the telecom industry associations seem to be inactive on the topic. Read the blog by Birgitta Nygren  here.

Global Health - a new network, new thinking

The journal Global Health Action has just published a special issue on anticorruption in the health sector. This is the work of a new network of health professionals, addressing the threats that corruption poses to the health system’s ability to perform effectively during both crises and normal times. See the introductory blog by Sarah Steingrüber  here.

Shouldn't law firms have compliance programmes?

Argentinian lawyer Sofia Tirini argues in this blog that clients of law firms should require their law firms to have robust compliance programmes. And in a longer article, published on the ‘Legal Service Sector’ page of CurbingCorruption, here, she proposes seven further measures to strengthen the profession.

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